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Driving is not a Civil Liberty

January 14, 2008 Leave a comment

In response to yet another drunk driving incident that left the beloved victim dead, Washington Governor Christine Gregoire is proposing sobriety checkpoints. The ACLU and other civil liberties organizations are calling this a violation of civil liberties.

But driving is a privileged, not a civil liberty. As it is, it seems that this privilege is already too easy to obtain especially when compared with European nations. A privilege is not a right. It is not a civil liberty. One has to register, test, and even pay to drive.

Already state law allows for "emphasis points" – areas where accidents are high. I suspect checkpoints would be put in such places along with high-traffic areas and areas with a large number of bars. But ACLU would have you believe that being inconvenienced by getting pulled over for a quick sobriety check in these areas is more important than the loss of loved ones.

If you’re drinking and in these areas, take a cab. Not only is drunk driving illegal and quite simply stupid, I’m sure cabs wouldn’t be viewed under suspicion and would not likely be pulled over. The greater Seattle area also has one of the best transit systems in the nations with buses going all over all night, and are quite inexpensive.

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