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Suzie is a good big sister

Suzie has always been so concerned whenever someone sneezes or even says "ow". She’ll come over and make sure they’re okay, waiting to hear "I’m okay" or to get a pat on the head.

But we were a little worried that Suzie – being a bit of a hyper dog, though that is decreasing these last few months – would be a little rambunctious with Sommer. To our delightful surprise, Suzie has actually been a good big sister. Whenever Sommer is crying she gets concerned, and she even gives Sommer little kisses from time to time. We do have to make sure Suzie doesn’t go overboard because sometimes she’ll try to lick our face off.

Suzie watches over Sommer and has even been a bit more protective of our house. Even before Sommer was born, Suzie would stick closely with Tracy. Now she makes sure all those other cats and dogs stay out of our (fenced in) yard.

I think the photo below really shows her concern and her watchful eye.

Our two little girls

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