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To switch or not to switch?

We currently are giving Comcast about $100 per month for shoddy service. We pay for high-definition content but Comcast compresses the stream on most channels we watch so much that the video quality is much less than desired. They and other cable operators claim it’s to benefit channels with more viewers. I guess they don’t need my money then just because I don’t care to watch yet another "reality" TV show on Fox.

And why pay more? We can get satellite at a much better rate and our house already came with a dish attached so we wouldn’t have any hardware setup charges. Comcast claims that bad weather will affect dish, but I’ve seen bad weather affect cable as well since, ultimately, cable operators typically get their content from a dish. Besides, with the downfall of analog TV any adverse conditions cause the screen to often go dark and speakers quiet; Analog, at least, just got a little fuzzy but you could still mostly see and at least hear what was going on.

So, we’re seriously thinking of switching to something that costs – even after promotions – half as much. Why pay more for shoddy service that will only get more expensive for whatever reasons cable operators feel like making up and justifying to the government that allows ever-increasing prices? What I want to know is how much dish operators compress the stream and whether it’s consistent or based on viewership. Anyone know?

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