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Seafair 2008

August 4, 2008 Leave a comment
This year was Sommer’s first trip to Seafair. Of course she won’t remember it, but I know I will: this year the Air Force seems to have made an appearance with my favorite plane: the A10 Warthog, aka the tank buster. Unfortunately we decided to stay in a park near the entrance to I-90 instead of walking out on it like we did last year. The view was a bit obstructed, so next year we’ll arrive early at the park again and just relax at the park until it’s time to go out onto the I-90 floating bridge into Seattle.
‘ve uploaded a few of the new shots that turned out okay. It’s not easy tracking planes with manual focus (automatic focus wouldn’t keep up either).
20080803_0169.jpg 20080803_0195.jpg 20080803_0231.jpg 20080803_0247.jpg 20080803_0262.jpg
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