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Day at the Park

We went to Marymoor Park in Redmond today with our friends and their dog. Suzie was listening so much better than when she was younger (back when we lived in Redmond and frequently went to Marymoor, which has the largest off-leash dog park in Washington).

Our friend’s dog, Rafe, did well his first day in the water. He was a bit nervous at first until our friend got in and coaxed him in. I tried the same thing – getting soaked in the process (should’ve worn shorts and sandals like I original planned) – but Suzie would just dip her toes. See, when she was only a few months old in the month of February, she spontaneously jumped into a frigid Lake Washington when Tracy and I were walking along shores with Suzie. She hasn’t really like the water much since. In fact, she doesn’t even seem to like wet grass if it’s even more than a couple of inches tall.

I didn’t want to force her out into the water by pulling her in, but after trying to coax her for about 5 minutes I picked up and slowly places her in the water, which was much warmer than the last time she jumped in. It was in a shallow area that let her walk but still mostly covered her with water. Eventually she did get into deeper waters and doggy paddled just fine. Rafe figured that out very quickly and that he could actually move faster anyway. Oh well, I guess Suzie will get there eventually.

That was also the first in a long time for me. I used to swim and, um, dip in plenty of lakes and rivers when I was younger but after having organized a spontaneous swim party / BBQ after a Tae kwon do meet in which most – including myself – got very sick of near-lethal doses of ecoli in the water (Iowa rivers and lakes are horribly polluted), I’ve been a bit of a "germaphobe". Going into the water – even while missing most of a toe nail (recently the old one fell off after an Ultimate frisbee incident) – was a bit first step for me.

Tracy and Sommer walked along watching Suzie play. Sommer seemed to notice all the other dogs barking and seemed very curious. I can’t wait till she’s old enough to walk and experience all that herself.

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