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Seattle: Winter Wonderland?

December 22, 2008 Leave a comment

Seattle is a winter wonderland with emphasis on “wonder”.

This isn’t Nebraska or Iowa, but Puget Sound. It’s been snowing all week and I’ve been out there shoveling. This morning was particularly hard since there was 5-6” of snow to shovel and unlike back in Nebraska, I don’t have a snow blower. In fact, I’ve never seen a snow blower being sold in large or small hardware stores around here. And when I was nearly finished it started snowing again and another 3-6” of snow is expected tonight. Believe me when I say this weather is truly atypical for Seattle and it is unknown when it will let up – truly a wonder.

Driving conditions are pretty poor as well, and the metro is pretty much shut down. It’s good, though, since most people can’t drive in this weather. With experience growing up in worse and an all-wheel drive car I didn’t find it too bad but the streets were fairly clear of cars slamming on breaks or peeling out.

It has been beautiful and it appears we’ll have a white Christmas here in Seattle, but I do hope the power stays on with the lines and trees hanging over those lines holding up quite a bit of weight. The big winter storm of 2006 left many homes without power including ours – some up to 2 weeks without power. Hopefully those lines were bolstered.

I’ve also found shovel snow to be great cardiovascular exercise, so it’s not so bad. And I have a great shovel I bought sometime ago and actually use all-year round: they work great as dust pans without having to haunch over while trying to pull a large broom, or to scoop out sludge and wet leaves from the drain in the street outside our house.

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Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful

December 18, 2008 Leave a comment

Actually, the effects of the weather are quite beautiful. It’s been snowing several days this week her in Seattle which is a bit unusual. At this elevation with sea winds blowing over Puget Sound we don’t get a lot of snow here without a 30 minute drive or so up into the foothills of the Cascades. But this week we are getting an “arctic blast”, where the jet stream drops down and decides to pay us a visit. I just hope that next Thursday – Christmas – is this beautiful.

But what makes it frightful is all the drivers around here – many of whom have never driven before coming State-side or who have never seen snow. They’ll just abandon their cars on the roads – from interstate to arterial roads. They’ll spin their tires hoping for traction on ice. And on clear roads (because everyone else is staying home) they’ll drive the speed limit or faster on snow-covered ice or packed snow. Some argue “they just aren’t used to it”, but it’s common sense that ice is slick.

So I’m glad I had 12 days of vacation to use or lose. I’m safe from these “drivers” and warm in my house with my family. And soon Tracy and I are taking Sommer outside to play in the snow.

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Sommer Finally in Her Own Room

December 17, 2008 Leave a comment

When we first found out that Tracy was pregnant, we started working on getting Sommer’s room finished. But it was already our guest room with a inexpensive bed that we added a pillow top to for more comfort. But we’ve been having problems figuring out what to do with the bed, now. I like the idea of having a guest bedroom though I know we won’t need it much. The office isn’t very big and the bed and computer desk won’t fit comfortably in there, especially when you consider luggage having to fit in there as well. I really don’t want to have the computer downstairs either. It’s really more of an “out of the way” computer. I think we’re just going to have to sell the bed (but we’ll keep the pillow top for our inflatable Coleman, which people have already said it’s quite comfortable).

While we haven’t made a decision, there was room to wedge Sommer’s crib in there. Ever since we got back from Nebraska she’s had trouble sleeping and we had read and had been told by a friend that putting her in her own room will help. So we did. And it has. She should also be old enough that we can let her “protest cries”, as our friend put it, go unanswered. It’ll be an adjustment for her, but we’ve already noticed she sleeps better at night. Tracy read that babies can often sense their mother’s milk and being in the same room could’ve been a detriment.

We’re learning. But we’re (usually) loving it. Hopefully with Sommer taking better naps like she used to and needs to she won’t have as many days where she’s just exhausted but won’t sleep and is a crab because of it. I know, I know – as said “as many” days.

We still need to finish furnishing her room. We need to get one of those 3- or 4-in-1 beds. Kyle has one (or two?) and likes it, and it’s a great bargain over buying 3 or 4 different beds. We also need to put up a couple of shelves. Of course, we just need to decorate more in the house anyway. We just can’t seem to find the items we want even after visiting at least a half-dozen stores.

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