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Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful

Actually, the effects of the weather are quite beautiful. It’s been snowing several days this week her in Seattle which is a bit unusual. At this elevation with sea winds blowing over Puget Sound we don’t get a lot of snow here without a 30 minute drive or so up into the foothills of the Cascades. But this week we are getting an “arctic blast”, where the jet stream drops down and decides to pay us a visit. I just hope that next Thursday – Christmas – is this beautiful.

But what makes it frightful is all the drivers around here – many of whom have never driven before coming State-side or who have never seen snow. They’ll just abandon their cars on the roads – from interstate to arterial roads. They’ll spin their tires hoping for traction on ice. And on clear roads (because everyone else is staying home) they’ll drive the speed limit or faster on snow-covered ice or packed snow. Some argue “they just aren’t used to it”, but it’s common sense that ice is slick.

So I’m glad I had 12 days of vacation to use or lose. I’m safe from these “drivers” and warm in my house with my family. And soon Tracy and I are taking Sommer outside to play in the snow.

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