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Still no Color Wheel

March 25, 2009 Leave a comment
It’s been quite a while since the color wheel in our DLP died and it still hasn’t shipped. We’ve grown quite accustomed to Hulu but they really need new commercials. I hope it arrives soon, though. My laptop doesn’t have the best screen for viewing nor can I work on it while watching, say, Lost.
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The DLP has Died

March 8, 2009 Leave a comment

About 4 years ago Tracy and I bought a Samsung 42” DLP (HL-R4266W). At the time DLPs were much cheaper than comparable plasma TVs and much cheaper than LCDs. Of course, all have dropped in price – especially LCDs – since then. But part of the reason we bought the DLP is because it’s sustainable.

And now it’s time to replace a part but not the part we expected. For a couple of months the TV has gradually started making a whirring or humming noise; so gradual that most of the time we didn’t even notice (plus I’m just over 1/4 deaf). This morning I turned it on and it was much louder and then started grinding just like ball bearings that were shot. And that’s seemingly just what the problem is: the color wheel that sits on ball bearings needs to be replaced.

It seems easy enough to do myself. I used to build PCs and the TV is really not all that different on the inside. I also found instructions online for a similar Samsung model but all seem pretty obvious. By tomorrow I’ll order the new part after I make a call to hopefully confirm my suspicion so I don’t waste time ordering the wrong part. I did already take part of the TV apart to gain better confidence that the color wheel is bad. Even though I briefly stopped the cooling fan and the noise persisted I don’t know if there’s another fan inside without taking it completely apart which I want to avoid until I’m ready so I don’t accidentally lose or jar any other parts.

I’ll probably document the procedure so stay tuned if you’re interested.

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