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Give your laptop a shot of caffeine

Tired of your laptop sleeping on the job whenever you walk away for a short while? Give it a shot of caffeine!

Caffeine is a small utility application written on top of the Windows Presentation Foundation that allows you to keep your monitor and/or system awake. It does not disable your screensaver, nor prevent your system from sleeping when you force it – like when you close the lid – so you’re in complete control. You do not need to change your power options – which you may forget to revert later. Just run the application and click whether you want to keep your display, system, or both awake. When you quit the application it remembers your settings and allows your system to sleep as configured again.

So give your system a shot of caffeine today and keep it working all night too!

This is a sample application I wrote and published as a helpful utility I’ve needed quite a few times. Baristas, obscure indie music, and free wi-fi not included.

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