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How to split PST files in Outlook 2010

For various reasons I’ve started splitting my archive folders into separate files separate by date. There is a fairly simple object model for Microsoft Outlook and utilizing built-in search in 2010 this would be even easier to write my own program, but being a pragmatic programmer I figured I’d see if anyone else has done this. There is many applications out there, but some were for-pay and none came from sites with which I was familiar.

Then I found buried in Outlook a way to archive even the archive folders with the ability to do so by date.

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook 2010 if not already open.
  2. Optional: Clean up archive folders to reduce size and decrease the time to process (see below).
  3. Click on File.
  4. Click on Cleanup Tools, then Archive….
  5. Scroll down and select “Archive Folders”.
  6. Set the date for which older items are moved into a new folder.
  7. Set the location for the new archive PST file.
  8. Click OK.

When complete, the archive PST is attached to your Outlook profile and will be indexed.

The optional step is clean up each folder before splitting your PST. I do this every month or so on my current folders as well before they are archived to reduce the active archive PST as well (too bad the Auto Archive settings don’t allow for this). While this is supposed to work on sub-folders, it has not seemed to work for me. So to clean up each folder,

  1. Select the folder to open it.
  2. Right click on that same folder and select Clean Up Folder.

Hopefully this tip helps you split PST files by date easily and freely.

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  1. Juan Jose
    February 3, 2012 at 8:28 am

    Thanks a lot. Usefull, easy and simple tutorial.

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